About us

About us

The history of “Kyrgyzland”

“Kyrgyzland” – a tourist company. It was found in the 1997 year.

Family Danichkins are founders. They have been living in Kyrgyzstan for many years and undoubtedly love this country for its amazing nature. The idea of ​​creating a travel company arose not from scratch. From a young age, its founders, Alexander and Lyubov, began to go to the mountains and work in climbing camps. For many years, tourism has become a way of life for them. And when the opportunity arose to open their own business, the choice, of course, focused on what they know best, namely on adventure tourism.

Initially, being a small family-owned company, we worked in two main areas - trekking (hiking) and car adventure tours in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. But, today we work in various areas of tourism. And the geography of tours expanded to the limits of neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

We organize the following types of travel:

Car tours. During trips on the roads of Asia, you can see all the diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna that can only be found in our area. Also, these trips are full of the cultural programs - historical monuments, craft workshops, national festivals and acquaintances with the national cuisine and life of the peoples of Asia.

Trekking (hiking) tours. For hiking lovers, we offer a variety of different routes. Starting from the most popular, along the Terskey, the Kyrgyz ridge and on the Engilchek glacier, to the most unusual and exotic, and remote, which you can only dream of.

Horse tours. We offer the most interesting long routes through the gorges and passes of the middle part of the Terskey Ala-Too ridge. Also, horseback riding in all regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Climbing expeditions. We organize special expeditions to the obscure mountain areas, where there is an opportunity to climb on new routes and conquer nameless peaks. In addition, we can assist in organizing trips to already known and frequently visited climbing base camps.

Skitouring, freeride, snowshoeing. Another direction for lovers of winter nature and thrills. At your service, we provide experienced and certified guides who know their business well. Safety for them above all. Programs are prepared for both: experienced riders and beginners. You can use the services of yurt camps in remote areas, or organize your own expedition.

Wildlife (wildlife) tours. You can thoroughly familiarize yourself with the flora and fauna of Central Asia. These include:

- Watch wild animals in their natural habitat, such as, for example, the snow leopard, lynx, wolf, fox, argali (Marco Polo mountain sheep), mountain goat and many other rare animals.

- Botanical tours in which you will get acquainted with the plant world of the Tien Shan mountains.

- Ornithological tours, as a rule, cover not only the winged inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan but also those that live in Kazakhstan.

As a supplement to the main activities, the company provides a service for booking individual services (hotels, transportation, paperwork, etc.).

Guesthouse in Tamga. On the Southern coast of Issyk-Kul, which in recent years has become very popular among tourists from Europe and Russia, there is a small and cozy guest house. The owners of this house are the founders of our company, Alexander and Lyubov. We love this place very much and use it with great pleasure as a starting point for many of our travels.

Our team.

Our company is a small but very friendly and cohesive team that makes take a new look at life and work, gives optimism and confidence in the future.

We try to provide the best conditions for life and self-realization to everyone who participates in the work of the company, having a firm belief that this is an important tool for personal and professional excellence.

All our office workers have extensive experience in touring and often combine these two areas. This allows us to guarantee that by contacting us, you will be able to obtain the necessary information about any type of travel in the shortest possible time, based on our practical experience.

We hire freelance guides to work on our tours, but their list is strictly limited, as they all undergo a thorough selection of quality and necessary instruction in our work.

Today, our permanent staff consists of 6 people.
Alexander Danichkin. He is the founder of the company. He is an engineer. An experienced climber, master of sports, champion of the USSR. In this regard, he is the main consultant in this area. He is an excellent skier. He built by himself our guesthouse on the Southern coast of Issyk-Kul. In the summer, Alexander can often be seen as a guide on tracks and car tours.

Lubov Danichkina. She is also the founder of the company. She is graduated from University as a “Physical education teacher”. She is a candidate for Master of Sports in mountaineering. Good psychologist, a connoisseur of local crafts and traditions. Now, most of the time Lubov is engaged in managing the guesthouse in Tamga village, which is situated at the South shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. Nevertheless, she also has enough time to work with tourists and to help in organizing tours.

Mikhail Danichkin. Head of the company and certified mountain guide. His first education is “Mechanical engineer”. Later he received the second profession: mountain guide. He has an international certificate of mountain guide (IFMGA). Mikhail works in the company from the very beginning in 1997. He is fond of many sports such as mountaineering, skiing, swimming, mountain biking, kayaking. Master of Sports in mountaineering. He has many years of experience in organizing hiking treks. Alpine, ski touring programs all over Kyrgyzstan. He takes part in many tours every year.
By the way, from all the company we want to congratulate him on the finishing of winter expedition to the second-highest Peak of the World to K2 (8611m).

Anastasia Yahno. She is a thorough and responsible employee in our company. Her specialization is “Manager in tourism”. She had been working in various travel companies since 2002. Anastasia has studied the psychology of tourists well. She skillfully determines what they want from the first requests. She is fond of sports such as mountaineering, sports climbing, downhill skiing, running, biking.

Olga Danichkina. Olga takes part in the work of the company since 1997. She participated in all the first programs we conducted; also she is a core specialist of our website. She is in sports from her childhood. In addition, she is excellent at alpine skiing, mountaineering, modern pentathlon.

Elmira Khasanova. She joined “Kyrgyzland” long ago. She took part in many programs like a cook at the beginning, then like a guide. At the same time, she works as a tour manager. Eli is a kind, responsive, responsible person. She won’t leave unattended any request. Eli is a good photographer. Many materials on our website are created by her.

Why is it better to travel with us?
Our experience, together with a passion for traveling and adventures, respectful attitude toward nature, culture, is what we value in ourselves.
Having reliable connections with local service providers, knowing the peculiarities of various types of recreation and tourist regions, we can offer you the most interesting, safe, comfortable and full of joyful moments travel.
For lovers of adventure tourism and ecotourism, there is enough information to organize trips to little-visited places with almost untouched nature.
If you are not satisfied with the "template" programs that are similar to each other in many tour operators. How to be?
Despite the sufficient number of carefully designed routes, we try to be as flexible as possible. We always strive to prepare exactly the trip that suits your interests in the best way. We never regret our time and make out best efforts.
Do you want everything to be safe?
Of course, we understand that any journey must be successful and safe. This is the basic principle for us. First of all, we will think about the safety of every guest. Then, our thoughts will be occupied with your positive emotions.
We pay attention to safety standards. To do this, we participate in seminars and share our experience with other companies.