International Snow Leopard Day

Today. October 23, is International Snow Leopard Day
In October 2013, a forum on the conservation of the snow leopard population held in Bishkek marked the beginning of a new holiday.
The snow leopard or Irbis is listed in the Red Book due to its small population and the risk of being among the endangered species. The habitat of the feline family is the high-mountainous regions of Central Asia.
Mammals, due to their rare color and the value of their fur, have become targets for poachers. In addition, the expansion of pastures, livestock grazing areas in the highlands leads to the fact that the natural habitat of the snow leopard is narrowing.
Now, rare animals are being monitored by installing photo traps.
The celebration takes place in scientific circles, in educational institutions to draw attention to the problem. Exhibitions, seminars, screenings of documentaries dedicated to the life of the snow leopard are held.
Photo credit: Internet sources.

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