Djany Korgon trekking and ascent

Djany Korgon trekking and ascent

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Season: May – September 
Route: Tamga – Djany Korgon gorge – Chunkur Kel Lake – Ascent – Altyn Kungey – Chegedek – Tamga 
Level of difficulty: his program is for beginners, who makes first steps in alpinism.
We may adapt program either for beginners, either for professional mountaineers. 

The region is situated in the middle part of Terskey Ala Too between Barskoon and Tosor valleys. This region is also well-known as Syrt of Ton. It combines several wide (500m-3km) high-mountain valleys surrounded by summits of Terskey Ala Too range and other small mountain ranges. Almost all peaks are covered by small (1-3km) glaciers.
Good feature of this region that it allows to combine trekking and climbing activity. It is possible to make trekking from Barskaun valley to Tamga village during 3-4 days and stop on the way for climbing in desired Base Camp area.  Also the region is quite compact. Approach from BC to ascent routes on nearest summits is maximum 1km. 
Summits heights vary from 4200 to 4500m. Most of them rise approximately 500-700m above bottom of valleys. Routes allow choosing difficulty from F to PD+ grade. Few peaks have possibility to make AD route. 
Routes consist of combined/mixed terrain, however it is possible to make ascent just by snow/ice or vice versa make rock climbing route.  
There are two mountain lakes in the region. One is large two kilometers long Chunkur-Kel Lake. Second is small turquoise lake situated in 2-3 km North-East from Chunkur Kel at the footstep of Kyz Korgon pass and 300m rock face. Both lakes are ideal places for making permanent base camp. Another good place for BC is Djany Korgon pass. 
The area is out of frontier guard protection. Therefore, no special permit required for visiting there.

The best place to start expedition is Tamga village, which is situated on the South Shore of Issyk Kul lake (320km from Bishkek). It is possible to reach Tamga by all kind of auto transport.
Access to the region from Tamga is not complicated, which makes such trip comparatively cheap and easy. One of the ways into the area goes via Barskoon gorge and Djany Korgon pass. It supposes 30 km driving from Issyk Kul on good gravel road and one full day hiking approach to Djany Korgon pass (3745m) or two-days hiking to reach Chunkur Kel lake (3643m). It is possible to use horses from Tamga village or porters for transporting luggage along this way.
Second way follows via Tosor gorge and Tosor pass. Using jeeps or high-pass truck it is possible to get to Chunkur Kel Lake in one day and make BC there. But quality of road and terrain features not always allows reaching desired place. Ground is usually wet and swampy in the valley behind Tosor pass, which is typical for Syrt areas. So, in most of cases it is possible to get 2-4 km close to Chunkur Kel Lake by car.

Day 1.
Tamga – Barskaun gorge 

Transfer to Barskaun gorge to the beginning of the trek. Hike to the confluence of Barskaun and Djany Korgon rivers. Pass Barskaun river by bridge. After wading small stream, begin ascent along steep grassy slope. Stop on the top of the slope, where it makes little plateau with good panorama on Barskaun gorge. Then hike along the river toward Djany Korgon pass. Overnight in tent camp. (BLD)
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Tamga – 1685m, start of trekking – 2400m, overnight at 3500m.
Elevation: +1100(1800) m. 
Distance and travel time:Tamga – Barskaun 30km, hiking – 6 km, around 6-7hours.

Day 2.
Djany Korgon pass –  Chunkur Kel Lake

Crossing over Djany Korgon pass, descent to the valley of high mountainous lakes. Setting up the camp at blue lake’s shore below Kyz Korgon pass.  Excursion to Chunkur Kel lake. Overnight in tent camp. (BLD)
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Djany Korgon pass – 3745m, Chunkur Kel Lake – 3670m, overnight at 3700m. 
Elevation: +250, -50m. 
Distance and travel time: 12km, 4-5 hours on the way.

Day 3.

During this you have fixed camp at the same place. You will be able to make a summit attempt to any nearest peak. Overnight in tent camp. (BLD)
Altitudes, Elevation, Distance and travel time depend on the chosen route and activity.

Day 4.
Kyz Korgon pass – Altyn Kungey plateau

Ascent to Kyz Korgon pass. Ascent is very difficult and mainly follows along grassy slopes. But only final part before the top, we should go along scree slope and rock bands. Descent from the pass along scree slopes. Having reached the bottom of the pass, we step on grassy trail again and continue walking towards Altyn Kungey plateau. From the plateau you will see beautiful panorama of Issyk Kul lake. Overnight in tent camp.  (BLD)
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Kyz Korgon pass – 3960m, overnight point – 3100m. 
Elevation +250,-850m. 
Distance and travel time: 10km, 7-8 hours on the way.

Day 5.
Altyn Kungey plateau – Chegedek gorge –  Tamga village

Further descent from plateau into Chegedek valley. Soon we reach an old road in Tamga gorge and hike to Tamga village. (BLD)
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Tamga -1685m. 
Elevation -1400m. 
Distance and travel time: 15km, 6 hours on the way.

Necessary equipment:
Sunscreen (at least 20SPF);
Lip balm;
Sunglasses with UV protection;
At least 35 Liter backpack for climbing;
Sleeping bag; 
Sleeping mat;
Telescopic poles;
Head lamp & batteries;
Ice axe;
Alpine tuber;
4 carbines;
Climbing shoes;
Feather clothes.

If required, possible to rent alpine equipment.