Five hundred Tien Shan miles

Five hundred Tien Shan miles

Duration: 14 days, 13 nights
Season: June – September
Route: Bishkek – Suusamyr valley – Son Kul lake – Balgart river – Tosor pass – Issyk Kul lake – Tamga village – Djety Oguz – Karakol – Bishkek 
Level of difficulty: program is suitable for strong active people with good health, able to acclimatize on 4000m above the sea level and make riding passages 80km a day.

Cycling in Kyrgyzstan is a nice opportunity to make acquaintance with the countryside nomad’s life and to make great cycling training at the same time. There are plenty of mountain roads and passes. This tour suggests auto support. Due to long distances, it’s the best way to see more sightseeing. 
During 14 days you will visit: Suusamyr valley with endless pastures, which connects North and South of Kyrgyzstan. Follow strong Kokomeren river, reaches Son Kul Lake. It’s high altitude Lake (3016m) situated on a flat and open valley, surrounded by smooth hills. It is unforgettable landscape symbolizing Kyrgyz Nomad’s life. Further drive by dirt mountain road towards Issyk Kul Lake via Djalpak Bel and Tosor passes. Stop at Djili Suu hot springs. All the way looks untouched. Unspoiled landscapes, wild yaks, marmots greet you. Also, you see many glaciers and transparent lakes. After Tosor pass you go down to Issyk Kul Lake. Returning back to civilization slowly. Take sun bathes at the Issyk Kul Lake. Visit famous Jety Oguz valley. Drive to Karakol town. Returning back to Bishkek along the North cost of Issyk Kul Lake.

Day 1.
Bishkek (100km by car, 30-50km of cycling)
Morning arrival in the airport of Bishkek and transfer to the guesthouse. After short rest in a guest house, drive out of town take a short ride in mountains near Bishkek, for acclimatization. As options, we offer to ride to Ala Archa National Park. Or along the mountain road, towards Issyk Ata valley. Return to Bishkek. (LD)
Bishkek – 700m, during the ride – up to 2000m.

Day 2.
Bishkek – Suusamyr valley – Chaek (150km by car, around 80 km of cycling)
Drive-by car to Suusamyr valley over Too Ashuu pass. Start cycling from the valley through Kokomeren gorge and towards Chaek village. Overnight in a tent camp or family-run accommodation in Chaek. (BLD)
Too Ashuu pass – 3582 m, Suusamyr valley – 2000m, Chaek – 1700m.

Day 3.
Chaek – Kara Keche pass – Son Kul (150km by car, around 80 km of cycling)
Ride over Kara Keche pass and descent to Son Kul lake. Overnight in yurt camp. (BLD)
Kara Keche pass – 3384 m, Son Kul lake – 3016m.

Day 4.
Son Kul Lake (around 40 km of cycling)
Ride along the South and East shore of Son Kul Lake. Overnight in a tent or yurt camp. (BLD)
Son Kul Lake – 3016m.

Day 5.
Son Kul Lake – Sary Bulak village (around 70 km of cycling)
Ride over Kalmak Ashuu pass and descent to Sary Bulak village. Stay in a tent camp behind the village. (BLD)
Son Kul Lake – 3016m, Kalmak Ashuu pass – 3384 m, Sary Bulak – 2700m.

Day 6.
Sary Bulak – Jalpak Bel pass (around 70 km of cycling)
Ride from Sary Bulak village up-stream of Kara Kudjur river. At the end of the valley turn right towards Jalpak Bel pass. Ascent to the pass. Overnight in tent camp about the pass. (BLD)
Sary Bulak village – 2700m, Jalpak Bel pass – 3300 m.

Day 7.
Jalpak Bel pass – (around 80 km of cycling)
Descent from the pass and then up-stream of Balgart river and it right confluent Dzhyluu Suu river. Stop at the mineral hot springs. Overnight in tents. (BLD)
Jalpak Bel pass – 3300 m, lowest point on Balgart river – 2700m, Dzhyluu Suu hot springs – 3000m.

Day 8.
Djili Suu hot springs – Chunkur Kel Lake (around 40 km of cycling)
All-day cycling uphill along Uchemchek (Ashuluu Tebe) gorge, and stop at the footstep of Tosor pass. Putting up the camp there and then a radial trip to Chunkur Kel mountain lake. (BLD)
Djili Suu hot springs – 3000m, point of the camp – 3600m, Chunkur Kel Lake – 3673m.

Day 9.
Chunkur Kel Lake – Tosor pass – Tamga village (around 50 km of cycling)
Ascent to Tosor pass and descent along Tosor gorge towards Issyk Kul’s shore. Then short ride along asphalt road to Tamga village. Accommodation in guesthouse. (BLD)
Point of the camp – 3600m, Tosor pass – 3893m, Tamga village – 1685m.

Day 10.
Day of rest. Relax at the South shore of Issyk Kul Lake. Accommodation in guesthouse. (BLD)
Tamga village – 1685m.

Day 11.
Tamga – Djety Oguz (around 80 km of cycling)
Ride to Djety Oguz gorge. More than half part of the way is along an asphalt road. But after turn from the main road to the gorge, you ride along rising unpaved road (around 30km to the camp). Overnight in yurt or tent camp. (BLD)
Tamga village – 1685m, Camp in Djety Oguz – 2300m.

Day 12.
Djety Oguz – Karakol (around 80 km of cycling)
Ride downhill to the main road, and then further to Karakol town. After lunch take a ride around the city, and sightseeing. Accommodation in a guest house. (BLD)
Camp in Djety Oguz – 2300m, Karakol – 1800m.

Day 13.
Karakol – Bishkek (420km by car)
Drive to Bishkek by car along the North shore of Issyk-Kul lake and Boom gorge. Accommodation in Guest House. Farewell dinner in a restaurant. (BLD)
Karakol – 1800m, Bishkek – 700m.

Day 14.
Bishkek – Airport "Manas" (35km by car)
Transfer to the airport and flight home. (B)
Bishkek – 700m.


Service includes:
Double or twin accommodation in guesthouses/hotels according program;
Transport for transfers during tour (4WD);
Cook and full board during tour;
English speaking guide;
Tents, kitchen and camping equipment during tour.

Service doesn't include:
Accommodation in hotels before and after the program;
Alcohol and soft drinks;
Transfers, excursions or horse riding over the program etc.;
Visa and invitation letter to Kyrgyzstan;
Medical insurance.

Recommended clothing and equipment:
Personal bike;
Sunscreen (at least 20SPF);
Lip balm;
Sunglasses with UV protection;
Backpack/bag for personal items;
Sleeping bag; 
Sleeping mat;
Head lamp & batteries;
Personal clothes;
Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket; 
Down vest and/or jacket;
Waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex);
Waterproof pants (Gore-Tex);
Thin gloves for trekking and overnight;    
Sun hat or scarf;
Warm fleece hat or light balaclava; 
Hiking boots;
Footwear for around camp.