Aksuu Traverse

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Aksuu Traverse

Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Season: June - September
Route: Karakol city/Bishkek – Jergalan village/valley – Turgen Ak Suu valley – Bozuchuk valley – Jergez valley – Ak Suu (Almaluu) valley – Altyn Arashan valley – Karakol city/Bishkek.

The Jergalan Valley is located in the eastern part of the Issyk-Kul region in 60 km away from Karakol town. From Kyrgyz “Jergal” – it’s “pleasure”. A popular place for freeriding during wintertime. Summertime is the best time for trekking. There are amazing views, fresh mountain air, spruce forests. This destination is quite new. There aren't many tourists here. Alpine meadows, mountain lakes with crystal water, panoramic views to mountain peaks, visit six valleys all this awaits you during the tour. At the end of the trek you arrive in Altyn Arashan Valley with hot springs. 

Day 1.
Karakol city – Jergalan village (60 km by car), start trekking

Transfer from Karakol to Jergalan village. Meeting with the trekking team and prepare to set off. Hike along the old road towards Jergalan main valley. Visiting legendary Tulpar Tash rock. Continue hiking through the forest area along Jergalan river till Eki Chat place (confluence of two rivers). Continue ascent along Terimtor Bulak valley. Set up the camp at 3000m and radial hike to a mountain lake, located 300m above the campsite. Overnight in tents. 
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Karakol city 1800m; Jergalan (trekking start point) 2250m, mountain lake 3325m, overnight point 3000m.
Elevation: main route +750m (+1200m from Karakol), radial trip to the lake +300m, -300m. 
Distance and travel time: 10-12km main route, around 5-6hours. + 2 hours for the trip to the lake
Day 2.
Terimtor Bulak valley – Bozuchuk Ashuu valley
A) Hike few kilometers further up the same valley and start the ascent to Terimtor pass. Ascent and descent are not the easiest but the view from the pass is an award for your efforts. After descent approach to the road in Turgen Ak Suu valley, where supply by car is possible. Then get over the river and continue way up along the small stream, towards Bozuchuk Ashuu pass. Break down a camp, on upper pastures before reaching the pass.
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Terimtor Bulak pass 3467m, Turgen Ak Suu 2650, overnight point 2700-2800m.
Elevation: +600m, -800m. 
Distance and travel time: 12km, around 6-8 hours.
B) More difficult option. Hike additional 4-5 km up along the valley, in order to reach the top of Bulak Ashuu pass and lakes located above it. Then again, extended descent from the pass, reaching the road in Turgen Ak Suu valley and continue a normal way, as described above. Overnight in tent camp.
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Bulak Ashuu pass 3441m, Turgen Ak Suu 2650, overnight point 2700-2800m.
Elevation: +600m, -800m. 
Distance and travel time: 18-20km, around 8-10 hours.
Day 3.
Bozuchuk lakes

Not difficult hike along Bozuchuk Ashuu valley and ascent to the pass. Descent to Bozuchuk valley and set up a camp. Goal of the second part of the day is a radial hike to Bozuchuk Lakes. Three mountain lakes are located in two neighbor valleys. A little adventurous ascent to the pass between valleys will open stunning panorama and additional view to Tashtambek Tor Bashi peak (4716m) which is often called “Kyrgyz Matterhorn”. The easier option offers detour around lakes.  Return back to the camp. Overnight in tents in the bottom of the valley, or on the lakeside.
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Bozuchuk Ashuu pass 3362m, Bozuchuk upper lake 3464m, overnight point 3000-3400m.
Elevation: +700m, -400m. 
Distance and travel time: 15km, around 6-8 hours. 
Day 4.
Bozuchuk valley – Jergez valley 

Descent to a main valley and ascent to the nameless pass, which follows to Jergez valley. The view from the pass opens another great opportunity to see Tashtambek Tor Bashi and surrounding valleys. Also, you can clearly see the camping site on Ailanysh lake and pass of the next day behind it. Descent to Jergez valley. Stop for overnight in the bottom of the valley. Radial hike to a mountain lake in the upper of the valley. 
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): nameless pass 3516m, the lowest point in Jergez valley 3200m, Mountain lake 3505m, overnight point in Jergez valley 3200m.
Elevation: main route +500m, -300m. radial hike +300m, -300m
Distance and travel time: main route 8km, around 5 hours. radial hike 6km, around 3 hours.
Day 5.
Jergez valley – Ailanysh lake – Ak Suu (Almaluu) valley 

Climb to Ailanysh lakes and pass. Another great view to snowy peaks and glaciers is changed by followed descent to Ak-Suu (Almaluu) valley. Stop for overnight in the bottom of the valley.  
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): nameless pass 3516m, the lowest point in Jergez valley 3200m, Aylanish lake 3432m, Aylanish pass 3671m, overnight point in Ak Suu 2800m.
Elevation: +500m, -900m. 
Distance and travel time:  12km, around 8-10 hours.   
Day 6.
Ak Suu (Almaluu) valley – Anyr Tor pass – Altyn Arashan valley

Ascent to Anyr Tor pass. A first additional possibility is to climb a little peak (3729m) to the South-East from the pass. A better view from this height awaits you there. Descent to Altyn Arashan. The second additional possibility of the day is to visit few other mountain lakes by making 6-7km loop into side valley. Otherwise, earlier to arrival to the lodge and relax in bathes with hot mineral water. Overnight in tents or mountain lodge.
Altitudes (above sea level): Anyr Tor pass 3700m, Altyn Arasha 2550m.
Elevation: +900m, -1150m.
Distance and travel time: 15km, around 7-8 hours. Hike to 3729m is 1,5km, around 40-60 min. Radial hike to lakes, 6-8km, 2-3 hours 
Day 7.
Radial hike from Altyn Arashan valley 

Radial hike in Altyn Arashan valley. There are two options:
A) Hiking trip to the upper of the valley and footstep of “Palatka” peak (easy hike). 
Altitudes (above sea level): during hike up to 3000m, start and finish at 2550m.
Elevation: max +500m, -500m. 
Distance and travel time: around 10-20km, around 5-7 hours. 
B) Ascent to Ala Kol pass. Having a Great view to Ala Kol Lake and panorama of Terskey Ala-Too range. 
Overnight in a tent camp or in a mountain lodge.
Altitudes (above sea level): Ala-Kul pass – 3900m, start and finish at - 2500m.
Elevation: +1400m, -1400m. 
Distance and travel time: around 20km, around 10-12 hours
Day 8.
Altyn Arashan valley – Karakol (50km) 

Transfer from Altyn Arashan gorge down to Karakol town.
Accommodation in a guesthouse.
Altitudes during the day (above sea level): Karakol-1800m, Altyn-Arashan – 2500m.


Recommended clothing and equipment:
Sunscreen (at least 20SPF);
Lip balm;
Sunglasses with UV protection;
At least a 25 Liter backpack for personal items;
Sleeping bag;
Sleeping mat;
Telescopic trekking sticks poles (optional);
Headlamp & batteries; 
T-Shirts, long-sleeved T-shirt, shorts;
Trekking pants;
Fleece jacket or pullover; 
Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional);
Down vest and/or jacket (optional);
Waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex);
Waterproof pants (Gore-Tex);
Thin gloves for trekking and overnight;    
Sun hat or scarf;
Warm fleece hat or light balaclava; 
Trekking/Hiking boots; 
Footwear for around camp.