Congratulations to athletes with Victory and New Title!

Mission is completed!

Three athletes: Sergey Seliverstov, Mikhail Danichkin, Alexey Usatykh became the first “Winter Snow Leopards” (Unofficial title for mountaineers, who ascented to five seven thousand meters’ mounts located in the territory of the former USSR). The standard summer “Snow Leopard” was fulfilled by 679 people. (Lenin Peak 7134m, Khan Tengri 7010m, Pobedy 7439m, Korzenevskoy 7105m, Communizm 7495m).

February 8, 2020:

11.35 - Seliverstov Sergey (RedFoxAsia) and Moroz Alexander at the top of the peak of Communism! Sergey - Winter Snow Leopard No. 1!

10.10 - Usatykh Alexey (RedFoxAsia) is also at the top of the peak of Communism and Winter Snow Leopard No. 2!

13.17 - Danichkin Mikhail (RedFoxAsia) and Usmanov Arthur at the top of Korzhenevskaya peak. Michael - Winter Snow Leopard №3!

Mikhail Danichkin with the team made two ascents to the peaks: Communism and Korzhenevskaya during this expedition.

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